It takes time to work my editing magic. I am literally going through thousands of photos for weddings. I send out a preview of your day within a week. This is roughly 50 images of your entire day so you have something to show everyone and post on the gram! (tag me please!) You can expect the rest of your gallery within 6-8 weeks. 

For regular 90 minute sessions, I send out a sneak peek within 3 days of your session. You can expect the rest of your gallery within 3-4 weeks. 

What is your turnaround time?

Let's get started...

Yes girl! I understand you have to fork over a lot of money to a lot of vendors during this process. I require a 50% down as your retainer to reserve your date and the remaining balance is due one month before your wedding. However, if that does not work for you, I will work with you to create a payment plan that best fits you.  

Do you do payment plans?

I strongly believe in self love. I try to emphasize your beauty and love just as it is. I will try to capture you in a way that highlights your beauty. That being said, I will smooth skin, remove bruises, etc. My rule is anything that would not be there in a week, I can retouch.

Do you do photoshop?

Each photographer spends years crafting an editing style that is unique to their brand. I cannot simply switch to an entirely new style for a weekend. My style is warm, moody, true to color with an emphasis on golden tones. If that lights your heart on fire, I’m your girl. If you prefer cool tones or light and airy, I am not your girl and that is OK! Pick a style that speaks to your soul that you will be happy to have hanging on your walls years down the road. 

I like two different editing styles, can you do both?

I specialize in couples and senior girls. Families are an entirely playing field. I only take on families during mini session marathons held a limited number of times a year.If you are interested in that, I announce them on my on Instagram and newsletter. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for all the updates!

Do you photograph families?

What you wear does play a very important role on how your images turn out! Now that I stressed you out, let me ease your mind. I will help you with selecting  the perfect combo for your session. I send out a board of outfit combinations to my couples. I am also working on putting together an entire guide just for this. Girl you can definitely send me pictures of your entire closet and I will help you hand pick the perfect outfit! Trust me, you want something that is so YOU and also compliments the location we are shooting at!

What do we wear to your session?

Yes, I am very involved in the planning process, especially the timeline. If you are planning an elopement it can be difficult especially if you have never been there. I am here to help with that. I strive to make this a fun, stress-free experience for you. 

Do you help with the planning process?

I work hours and hours to craft a gallery that is cohesive and beautiful. Slapping your own filter over it is hours of my work wasted and a waste of your money. I strive to be consistent with my editing. If you feel like there is something you want to change about my editing I would highly recommend finding a photographer that matches the editing style that best fits you. I 100% believe that I am not a one-size fits all photographer. 

Can I put my own filter over your images?

A big part of my service is editing. It is the signature on my work. I do not provide raw unedited images. Don’t stress is girl, I will send plenty of options for you to choose from. If you feel like you are missing an image of a specific person, I will gladly look back through my images to get that to you. 

Do you give raw unedited images?

I deliver ALL high quality images. I don’t like to set a limit and withhold images from my clients. Trust me you won’t know what to do with all the images I send you! 

How many images do you deliver?

Yes. Let me be more clear...YES! I love traveling. I will gladly pack my bags and go anywhere with you! 

Do you travel?

Las Cruces, NM. I am a desert rat but love to travel. You name the place and I am so there! Want to come to me? Las Cruces is unique in that I am within two hours from Whitesands, mountains and forests, canyons, Redsands, and crazy rock formations. 

Where are you based out of?

I get it! Choosing a photographer is a big step to making all your wedding dreams come true! Here is a list of the most asked questions. Have a question that's not on here?
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